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Variety International, the Children’s Charity

An experienced hotelier and firm proponent of philanthropic efforts across the globe, Patrick Imbardelli is proud to support Variety International, the Children’s Charity. Commonly referred to as the Variety Club or simply Variety, the organization is a nonprofit entity that seeks to promote increased standards of health and well-being for children around the world. With more than 40 chapters across 13 countries, Variety works closely with local communities to provide valuable services to children and organizations that devote themselves to helping children with special needs. Here is a brief overview of some of the programs and activities sponsored by Variety.

Sunshine Coaches: Through its Sunshine Coach program, Variety provides qualified nonprofit organizations with specially equipped passenger vans designed to transport children with special needs to enrichment programs, events, and medical facilities. The coaches also serve to carry underprivileged children to and from after-school programs and other special events. The program traces its origins back to 1962, when Leslie MacDonnell devised a way to allow a young bedridden girl to enjoy sunshine and fresh air. Since its inception, the Sunshine Coach program has distributed more than 10,000 vehicles to nonprofits across the globe.

Variety at Work: A highly interactive program for children with special needs, Variety at Work brings together volunteers from across the globe to organize special events such as holiday parties, concerts, and field trips to locations such as movie theaters and zoos. Volunteers enjoy the opportunity to spend time with children and treat them to special events such as the large-scale celebration that marks the end of the year.

Mobility Program: For many children who suffer from physical disabilities, getting from place to place can be a challenging and frustrating endeavor. Through its Mobility Program, Variety provides these children with the special equipment necessary to improve their mobility and facilitate participation in school, community, and family life. In 2009 alone, Variety distributed nearly 400 wheelchairs, more than 3,000 bicycles and tricycles, 31 liberty swings, and greater than 1,000 other mobility items. Variety also partners with a number of similar mobility organizations, including the Easy Riders Wheelchair Program, the STAR Walker Program, and Bikes for Kids.

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