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New technological frontiers for the hospitality industry

As modern travelers’ needs change, so too must the hospitality industry, in order to accommodate their new demands. New innovations applied in the hotel setting promise to make significant and lucrative changes to the industry.

Big data, already a pervasive influence elsewhere, is leaving a mark on the hotel industry. In principle, most hotel staff are aware that not all spenders are created equal, with some playing more for hotel luxuries than others. These large spenders, however, are thought to be largely infrequent guests and thus may have a lower impact overall compared with everyday travelers such as businesspeople who, while paying for more economical services, come into hotels regularly, thus having a higher lifetime value.

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Through big data analytics, hotel managers can pinpoint the specific types of customers that offer the highest lifetime value to the hotel and adjusting prices to be both profitable and enticing to the target market.

Some hotels have, in the past few years, become more and more futuristic in their execution. Besides the requisite Wi-Fi and app access, some luxury hotel rooms have automation for controlling hotel room features with the touch of a button.


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The hospitality industry has been incorporating robotics and computerized systems for more than a decade. Lately, a few international hotel chains have experimented with artificial intelligence concierges, such as Hilton’s Connie, so far serving only at the Hilton McLean, while other hotels have introduced robots that assist in delivering items or carrying luggage.

However, robots are far from widespread. This apparent reluctance to introduce robots into the industry may very well stem from its nature as a rather human-centric service. Hospitality needs a human touch that robots thus far cannot replicate. Robots may very well become vital and common tools in the industry in the future, but they are unlikely to completely or largely replace human staff.

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