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Best foot forward: Assembling an effective guest relations management team

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Besides the building itself, the first thing that a guest sees upon entering a hotel is the front desk. A well-run front desk gives a remarkable and lasting first impression. It falls upon the team behind the front desk to deliver this and maintain appearances throughout the guests’ stay.

The principal job of every guest relations team is to assist the guests in checking in. This ranges from helping them carry luggage to rooms to keeping them well informed on important details such as check-out times and the amenities both within the hotel and in the surrounding area. People in guest relations are also expected to address service problems the guests might encounter. Beyond that, it is also vital that guest relations employees remain smiling and polite toward the guests to help them feel at ease and welcome.

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The keystone of any good guest relations management team is the guest relations manager, charged with coordinating all these tasks to ensure that guests have a pleasant welcome and a memorable stay. Ideally, managers in this department should boast of both technical knowledge of the industry’s inner workings and good interpersonal communication skills to handle the demands of guests.

Much like their superiors, employees working in this department would need to be courteous, positive, patient, and most importantly, very efficient. People skills are as important a factor as the ability to perform a job quickly.

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