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Luxury service: How the Crowne Plaza remains relevant

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The Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts group has been quite resilient in their industry, maintaining supremacy and a high level of standards that have kept them in business for as long as the market can remember. Many are in awe of how loyal their market segment has been.

The Crowne Plaza seems to be among only a few hotel chains which truly understand their market. In serving the segment of rather ambitious business travellers, for instance, they know the importance of making their clients stay productive and feel restored on the road. They are consistent in thinking of creative ways to enhance the provision of resources and amenities for their guests.

Working in comfort is what business people are looking for, and the Crowne Plaza has done right in its “Always On” branding, which has defined its priority for connectivity. This has translated to the convenience of one-time Wi-Fi access, in-room charging outlets, and wireless printing, which can be availed of virtually on any spot in their hotels.

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They boast competent teams trained extensively on servicing their clients, with programs which they have conceptualized themselves. One such program is the Crowne Plaza Sleep Advantage program, which focuses solely on making entire sleep a most worthwhile experience. They obviously consider the experience as a huge part of what makes a stay at their hotels a memorable one. This is something which they know that their clients need, and have subsequently catered to.

Truly, if there’s any entity which knows the nuances of business travel, it has to be the Crowne Plaza. It is no wonder why they are supported by the business classes.

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