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Mr. Patrick Imbardelli has built a solid career in the hospitality industry since obtaining his diploma in Hotel and Motel Management.

About Patrick Imbardelli

Patrick ImbardelliIn his role as President and Chief Executive of Pan Pacific Hotels Group (PPHG) in Singapore, Patrick Imbardelli has brought new and effective management strategies to his firm. At the helm of an expansive network of hotels and resorts across North America and the Asia-Pacific Region, Patrick Imbardelli imbues his work at Pan Pacific Hotels Group (PPHG) with lessons learned over the course of 30 very successful years in the industry. At Pan Pacific Hotels Group (PPHG), Patrick Imbardelli oversees two brands (Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts and PARKROYAL Hotels and Resorts) and company assets across 12 countries. With a primary focus on the future, Patrick Imbardelli implements proven strategies to grow business, lays the foundations for future acquisitions, develops comprehensive marketing campaigns, and works alongside shareholders to ensure the continued success of the Pan Pacific Hotels Group (PPHG). Under Patrick Imbardelli’s tenure, the Pan Pacific Hotels Group has enjoyed a number of honors and recognitions from major organizations in the hotel and hospitality industry. Focusing on the worldwide presence of Pan Pacific Hotels Group, Patrick Imbardelli has helped the corporation win awards from the Market Metrix Hospitality Index such as Top in Q3 2009 Hospitality Index, Top in Q2 2009 Customer Satisfaction, and Overall Winner and Winner in Luxury Hotels Segment for 2008. In addition, Patrick Imbardelli has provided the necessary leadership to earn awards for individual hotels of the Pan Pacific Hotels Group (PPHG) in Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Seattle, Singapore, Vancouver, and elsewhere. A member of several professional associations, Patrick Imbardelli has maintained affiliations with the Singapore Institute of Management, the Singapore Institute of Directors, the Australian Institute of Management, and the American Academy of Financial Management. Patrick Imbardelli has pursued executive education programs at INSEAD University, Hilton International, and Cornell University, and graduated with honors from the City University of New York (Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business) in 2009 with a Master’s degree of Science in Finance.

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