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The foundations for successful hotel marketing

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Successfully marketing a hotel requires careful attention to the hotel’s brand and the expectations of its target market. The management of any hotel needs to be attuned to the needs of their demographic. Their marketing should show the key appeals of their hotel, showcasing how they can meet or surpass the comfort expectations of guests while differentiating themselves from the competition.

Besides good marketing and public relations, a hotel must also have at its disposal a dedicated and efficient sales team capable of establishing rapport with potential guests during corporate events. A personable approach has been found to influence brand recall significantly better.

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Paying attention to the demographic pays off in more ways than one. An understanding of a new market’s culture, for instance, can help attract more customers by appealing to their tastes. Current trends may indicate specific customer demands. Over the years, many different amenities have become commonplace as more hotels become attuned to the expectations of their clients.

The management and marketing staff might be tempted to go beyond winning customers from the initial target market. New demographics often offer an immediate influx of new, previously untapped customers, and in some cases, this can be very lucrative.

Both new and established hotels, however, must first assess their ability to cater to the needs of a new demographic before they begin attempting to court them. It may be best to test the waters and attempt a smaller initial campaign before jumping in.

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