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The hotel spell: Making guests fall in love with their stay

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What makes a hotel experience unforgettable? What makes people decide to return to the hotel, even before they’ve left? What makes a hotel a part of people’s lives? Here are a few of the dealbreakers of people’s relationship with hotels:

• The inside of a hotel plays a big part in the guest’s experience. A guest’s mind needs to be relaxed, and the design of guest rooms should facilitate that. If the hotel is part of a tropical resort and the exterior is already relaxing, like an ocean view or an infinity pool, then the inside of the guest rooms should match the ecosystem.

• Emphasizing again on a hotel’s interior, the ease of moving around from room to restaurant, to pool, to gym, makes a great impression. If the hotel’s design requires a guest to walk half a kilometer to reach the bar, and another half kilometer to get back to his or her room, that would make for an unforgettable experience – for the wrong reasons.

• Good food and great service go a long, long way. These are a must for any hotel. Hotel staff should always treat guests as they would their bosses. In turn, guests should feel like they would rather be in a hotel than their own home.

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