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A Conversation with Patrick Imbardelli, President and CEO of Pan Pacific Hotels Group

Serving the Pacific Rim Region, Pan Pacific Hotels Group maintains a reputation for luxury and superior customer service. As President and Chief Executive Officer of Pan Pacific Hotels Group, Patrick Imbardelli recognizes the importance of maintaining the premium hotel’s brand.

Q: What is the essence of the Pan Pacific brand?

A: Our brand is influenced by the Asian culture, which you can see in all of our hotels around the Pacific Rim, regardless of the continent. In the Asian culture, you will find attention to detail, observant hospitality, and personalized service. Our guests can visit any Pan Pacific Hotel and expect to receive that same level of individualized care.

Q: How do you maintain that brand across all of the Pan Pacific properties?

A: Our biggest brand ambassadors are those people who make daily contact with our customers. Our Associates communicate our brand in their attitudes, actions, and attentiveness. To help with this, we have created an “I am Pan Pacific” culture that allows our Associates to become the embodiment of our brand. We believe in nurturing the internalization of our corporate culture in our Associates, because they are our key to success.

Q: What separates a premium hotel from others?

A: It is a combination of things, really. Customer service plays a huge role, as do world-class amenities, the availability of fine dining, and the design employed throughout the hotels. The myriad of small touches we include also make our hotels special. We want our guests to feel pampered and cared for throughout their stays with us, and we most certainly make sure of that.


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