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Review: The Great Gatsby

In the 1920s, F. Scott Fitzgerald announced his intention to write a novel that was both simple and beautiful, extraordinary and intricate. The result was The Great Gatsby, the author’s most celebrated work.


Part love story, part examination of the American Dream, The Great Gatsby is told from the point of view of Nick Carraway and follows Jay Gatsby, a “new money” millionaire and ex-soldier who is obsessed with Daisy Buchanan, a woman of high class. While Gatsby was overseas serving in World War I, Daisy married an oppressive man, leaving Gatsby with the goal of attaining wealth and winning his love’s heart.


Devoid of effusive descriptions, The Great Gatsby is intricately plotted in such a way that events move naturally from one to the next without blocks of exposition to hamper the narrative. Perhaps most interesting are the characters of Daisy and Gatsby. Readers unfamiliar with the classic might expect a happy ending well deserved by two people who care only for one another, but in truth, most readers consider the vapid characters to be deserving of the obstacles that block their goals.


It takes a great amount of skill to craft unlikable characters while still ensuring that the novel appeals to audiences. Fitzgerald does so remarkably well, serving up an examination of two people who deserve each other for all the wrong reasons.